As per Pearson, the PTE test result will be released within a maximum of five business days. When we say business days, holidays and weekends are not included.

The earliest time the result was released is around twelve hours. So if you’ve taken the exam in the morning then there is a possibility that you’ll get the result by late evening.

The only time you’ll get the result in five full business days is when you encountered a problem during the exam. A common example is people having multiple first names. For example, if your passport states that you have three first names (John Michael Dave O. Doe) but you only use one of your first names (John O. Doe) when you registered in Pearson account then there is big chance that you’ll get your test result on the fifth business day after taking the test since Pearson still needs to investigate the problem.

In case that you won’t get your test results within five business days then you need to contact Pearson.