You are in the exam room. You are nervous. You start the exam. You are now in the Re-tell Lecture question.The audio plays. You don’t get what the audio was saying because you are so nervous that you panic and you can’t remember what the audio was about. Now, what should you do?

This scenario is probably the worst case scenario when taking the exam but don’t worry because this only happens if you didn’t prepare for the exam. But let’s just say that this really happened to you. This is what you need to do.


Try to calm yourself down.
Yes, it may sound cliche given that you’re already panicking but you need to calm down. Nothing to extravagant since time is limited. Just take a deep breathe for a second then release. That will release some of the tension you’re feeling.


Check for any picture being shown in the screen.
For a second, identify what is the picture all about then just talk about the picture like you’re doing in describe image.


Try to remember anything from the audio.
In case there are no pictures available so any word will do. If you remember something then talk about it. Let’s say you remember a word “rain” then talk about it. Just be creative. Even though you may talk about an experience about the rain the computer won’t mind. All the computer wants is the keyword that you mention.


Fluency is more important than content.
Use you imagination and be creative. You may lose points in content but make sure you don’t lose points in other areas like in oral fluency and pronunciation.