Despite what the other examinees told you that you cannot bring this or that. In reality, you can bring ANYTHING inside the Pearson test center but it doesn’t mean that you can use them.

Let me explain further.

When you enter a Pearson test center, you will be seated in a waiting area. You will be called by one of their staff to verify your identification. For this, you will need to present your valid passport. Your portrait and fingerprints will also be taken at this stage. Once you are verified, you will be asked to store all your things in a locker except for your locker key and passport. After that, you will proceed to the waiting area near the testing room.

The testing room is where you will be taking your PTE exam but before you enter the said room, a staff needs to check you first. The staff will check two things: your pockets and your identification. The staff will check if you have only brought the necessary things which are your passport and your locker key. If you need to wear eyeglasses then, he or she will also ask about it. The other thing they will check is your identification. Yes, they will again check your identification by scanning your fingerprints. This is to avoid anyone taking the exam for you.

In summary, you can bring anything inside the test center but you are allowed to only bring your passport and locker key (and eyeglasses if applicable) inside the testing room.