Repeat Sentence


  1. You will hear a sentence.
  2. You won’t hear a beep so take note of the status in the lower box.
  3. You should start speaking when the status turn into “Recording”.
  4. Be mindful of the progress bar. You need to finish speaking before the progress bar reaches the end.
  5. Once the progress bar reaches the end, the recording status will change into “Completed” and the microphone will turn off.

Skills being assessed

Listening and speaking

Oral fluency and pronunciation

Scored based on


Tips and Techniques


  1. Practice using a speech-to-text application but take note that the intonation might be easier to understand since it is produced by a machine.



  1. Train yourself to memorize the 8-15 word sentence. You can do this by practice.
  2. When memorizing a sentence, you can use phrasing. This is where you will group the words into phrases.
  3. If you don’t have a good memory, some people write the first letter of each word in the erasable notebook.


During Exam

  1. To some people, closing their eyes while listening to the recording helps them concentrate.
  2. If you are easily distracted to the sounds of other examiners, turn up the volume of your headphones.


Q: Is it okay to miss some words?
A: It will affect your score but make sure that you still sound confident so that it won’t affect your Oral Fluency score.

Q: If I forget a word, can I use a different that sounds alike to fill it?
A: Yes, you can. Though your score in Content will get affected since you are using a different word.

How does it look like?