Read Aloud


  1. You have 30-40 seconds to prepare before the recording will start. The recording status is shown as “Beginning in x seconds”.
  2. After the countdown, you will hear a beep. The recording status will change into “Recording”. This is the time the recording starts and you need to read the text out loud.
  3. Be mindful of the progress bar. You need to finish speaking before the progress bar reaches the end.
  4. Once the progress bar reaches the end, the recording status will change into “Completed” and the microphone will turn off.

Skills being assessed

Reading and speaking

Oral fluency and pronunciation

Scored based on


Tips and Techniques


  1. When practicing, use a speech-to-text tool to know if your pronunciation is good enough.
  2. Speak with your normal pace like you are talking to a friend. You don’t need to speak fast. The time limit is more than enough to finish reading the text.
  3. Read newspapers, books, online articles (like wikipedia).
  4. When reading something, read them out loud instead of reading them in your mind.


During Exam

  1. During the preparation time, you can read silently the text to know which words are hard to pronounce, and to also know where to properly pause.
  2. Don’t speak before you hear the beep.
  3. Speak in your natural pace. Don’t talk too fast or too slow.


Q: Should I immediately click the next button after I finish reading the text?
A: It’s up to you. It won’t affect your score whether you immediately click the next button or not.

Q: Is it okay to finish in 20 seconds?
A: Yes.

How does it look like?

In Read Aloud, you can see in your screen the following:

  • On top is a text stating on what you need to do.
  • In the middle is the recording status. There are 3 types of status: “Beginning in x seconds”, “Recording” and “Completed”
  • Below the recording status is the text that you need read.
  • At the bottom is the next button that when clicked will move to the next question.