Describe Image


  1. An image will be displayed. The image can be a graph, map, blueprint, photo or flowchart.
  2. You have 25 seconds to prepare. You need to skim and study the image.
  3. You won’t hear a beep so take note of the status in the box.
  4. You should start speaking when the status turn into “Recording”.
  5. Be mindful of the progress bar. You need to finish speaking before the progress bar reaches the end.
  6. Once the progress bar reaches the end, the recording status will change into “Completed” and the microphone will turn off.

Skills being assessed


Oral fluency and pronunciation

Scored based on




Tips and Techniques


  1. When practicing, you can use the graphs in stock exchange or you can search graphs in Google Image.


During Exam

  1. The title of the image is usually used as your introduction but in case that there is none, you can check the x and y axis to know what is the image is about.
  2. If the image is a graph or chart, take note of the highest and lowest or biggest and smallest.


Q: Is it okay to finish in 20 seconds?
A: No. You need to speak for at least 35 seconds.

Q: Is it necessary to describe all the contents in the image?
A: It is impossible to describe everything in the image. You only need to an introduction, 2-3 key points and conclusion.

How does it look like?