What is PTE-A?

PTE-A stands for Pearson Test of English Academic. It is a computer-based English language test that is use for non-native English speakers who wants to study or work in English-speaking countries.

The test will take approximately three hours that consists of four sections: speaking, writing, reading and listening. You can check the test format here.


Why PTE-A?

Fast results. You can already get the results within five business days.

No bias. Since everything is checked via computer, the results are accurate.

Computer. A computer will never frown at you for using the same template throughout the test. And for some people it’s more comfortable talking to a computer than in a human.


Study Guide

1. Familiarize the test format and the questions

The PTE exam follows a format. First are the Speaking and Writing sections followed by the Reading section and lastly is the Listening section. And each section also has questions that follow an order. In the actual exam, the questions will change from Read Aloud to Repeat Sentence without giving any warning signs so you need to memorize or at least familiarize the test format so that when you take the actual exam you’ll know what to expect.

2. Practice the questions

After you familiarize the sequence of the questions, it’s time for your know what the questions are about or how do they look like. There are a lot of free resources you can practice on. One of them is Youtube. Just search “PTE Practice” or you can be more specific like “PTE Repeat Sentence” and you’ll find a lot of practice questions you can use.

3. Know the difficult questions

While you are practicing on the questions, you’ll notice that you find other questions difficult. Some would say that Write Essay is the most difficult question but others would say Describe Image is the most difficult one. It varies with people but whatever that question is you need to focus more on it. You need to give more time to be practice it because if you don’t it can be the reason that you’ll fail the exam.

4. Use templates and techniques

In order for you to succeed in this exam, you need to use a template or a technique. You cannot simply take the exam by just practicing. A good template and a proper technique is like your weapon to pass the exam.

5. Practice your pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary

Since PTE is an English academic exam, you need to know the proper pronunciation of words, the right grammar and a broad vocabulary. More so if English is not your first language. You might have an accent or a different kind of grammar that seem normal with your peers that can affect when you take the exam. Although the PTE exam can understands different English accents, there are people that really have heavy a heavy accent that even humans would have a hard time understanding them.


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