How To Read PTE Academic Results

Overall Score

The Overall Score is based on the overall performance on all test items. It cannot be simply calculate using the communicative and enabling skills. Only the PTE knows how it is calculated. The score range is between 10-90.

Communicative Skills

The Communicative skills measures your Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing skills. The score range is between 10-90.

The scores in Communicative skills are the combination of different factors. For example in Write Essay, you need to write a minimum of 200 words and a maximum of 300 words so the length of your answer contributes to your score. Another example is the Multiple Choice Multiple Answers question where you need to select the correct options for you to get the perfect score.

Another factor in Communicative skills are the Enabling skills. Pronunciation and Oral Fluency, for example, are important in Speaking questions whereas Spelling and Written Discourse are necessary skills for Writing questions.

Enabling Skills

The enabling skills measures your grammar, oral fluency, pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary and written discourse. The score range is between 10-90.


This measures the correct structure of your sentences and the pairing of words.

Oral Fluency

This measures how natural your pace is when speak. Do you speak smoothly and in an effortless manner or do you stutter and always using filler words?


This is mainly about how the native English speakers can easily understand what you are saying. The native English speakers should manage to understand what you are talking about without asking you to repeat yourself.


The words should be written correctly based on the spelling rules of the language.


A combination of words in order to give a meaning or to express to something.

Written Discourse

This measures the correctness of the structure of your written texts. Does your written texts follow a certain order? Also, PTE-Academic follows a formal writing structure.