Describe Image is one of the most intimidating question in Speaking section. And in order to overcome this question, you need to use a template.

There are different types of templates over the internet that can be use in this question and all of them are effective but the question is which one suits you?

In this article, I’ll be discussing a template that can be use in any kind of image. May it be line graph, bar graph or pie chart.




This [line/bar/pie/table] graph represents the [title] [x-axis or sectors].

[first key point]

[second key point]

[third key point]




How To Use



During the 25 seconds preparation, you need to take note of the title and x-axis or sectors of the graph. Usually the image have an introduction somewhere in the image but in case that there is no introduction you can come up of your own.


Key Points

You should also note the highs and lows, biggest and smallest, left and right, or top and bottom values of the image. You will be using these info as your key points.



As for the conclusion, you need to summarize, give a prediction or give a reason why the graph behaves like that. Here are some example:

Prediction: In conclusion, the number of users will increase in the following years.

Reason: Overall, the possible reason why people like using this product is because it’s user friendly and child-safe.




PTE Describe Image Bar Graph 001

This bar graph represents the total area occupied by Monarch Colonies at overwintering sites in Mexico from 1994 to 2015. The biggest space occupied in from 1996 to 1997 which is 18.19 hectares. This decrease in the following year to 5.77 hectares but it increase again later to 11.12 hectares between 2003 and 2004. In conclusion, the number of hectares occupied by the monarch colonies might drop in the following years.




Photo by Eva Lewandowski / CC BY