Test Preparation

Should I buy mock tests?

If you want to experience what it feels like taking the real exam or if you want to have an initial assessment of your skills then it’s best to buy the mock tests.

How long is the test?

The test will take three hours to finish but you can finish the test earlier if you are fast enough.

If I re-take the test, will I get the same set of questions?

No. You will most likely get the same test format (unless they change it again) but not the same set of questions.The questions are random so you may get a few same questions but not the exact set as your previous test.

How to read "2016"? Two thousand sixteen or twenty-sixteen?

Both are okay. Both options are accepted by the PTE computer software.

What intonation should I use? American or British?

You can use both since the PTE computer is smart enough to recognize both intonations.

In spelling, what should I use? American or British?

You can use both but make sure that when you are using American English spelling you should use American English spellings throughout the exam.

Can I just talk about random things if I still have some time left?

No. You still need to stay in topic or at least it sounds like it’s related to the topic. For example, the topic is about car sales. You can talk about the increase in pollution if the sales in cars increase.

Test Day

What to bring during the test day?

You only need to bring your passport for your identification. Just make sure your passport is not yet expired.

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Should I click the next button after completing the question?

It depends. Clicking or not clicking the next button after completing the question won’t affect your scores or any part of the exam. It’s just up to you whether you want to click it or not? In case you won’t click the next button immediately, the microphone is good enough that it won’t capture any unnecessary noise.

Should I keep talking until the time is up or should I stop with a few seconds left on the clock?

You should avoid getting your sentence being cut because this will affect your grammar. For example, the computer only get the first part of your sentence like “This is the”. That incomplete sentence obviously doesn’t make sense to a computer so you will lose score in grammar.

Where should I position the microphone?

There is no definite answer to this. One would say in the chin but others will tell you in front of the nose. The only way to know if to test the microphone itself before you start the exam. You are given unlimited time to test both the microphone and headset before you start the exam.

When you test the microphone in the test center, you will say something like “testing, testing. one, two, three” then it will be recorded. You need to listen to your recorded voice for you to know if your voice is loud enough or if there is too much air when you speak. If you are not satisfied with what you hear then that’s the time you need to adjust the position of the microphone or the loudness of your voice.

How loud should I talk?

Before you start the test, you can test the headset and microphone. As long as you can clearly hear yourself then you’re good to go.

Where can I write my notes during the test?

You are given an erasable notebook to write your notes. It is the size of an A4 paper laminated in a clear plastic. You’ll also be given a marker.

What can I bring inside the the test room?

You are not allowed to bring anything inside the test room except for what you are wearing and eyeglasses if you need one. Jewelries like earrings or anklets, handkerchiefs, wrist watch, etc. are not allowed. They must all be deposited in the locker that will be provided to you.

After Test

How long does it take to get the test results?

You will get your results within five working days. The Pearson will send you an email that your results is already available in their website.

if you still didn’t get your results after five days, you can contact them.

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What is the meaning of "Delivery successful - on hold"?

It means that your test results are already delivered but you can’t view it yet. You don’t need to panic. This is normal. If it’s already more than five business days after you took your exam and you still can’t view your results, then send an e-mail to Pearson.

How To Read PTE Test Results?

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Other Questions

What is the difference of PTE to other English tests?

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What's the difference if I take PTE in an English speaking country and in a non-English speaking country?

There’s is no difference.

Unlike IELTS, where humans are handling the exams, PTE is computer-based. Computer softwares are always consistent.