There are three types of Fill In The Blanks question in PTE: two in Reading section and one in Listening section. And oftentimes examinees get confuse with them.


Reading Section

There are two Fill in the Blanks question types in the Reading section. The easiest way to differentiate them is to remember that one is dropdown and the other is a drag-and-drop.



PTE screenshot reading fill in the blanks dropdown 1

In this question type, you will see a text with blanks all over it. The manner of answering it is to select the correct word in the dropdown list.



PTE screenshot reading fill in the blanks drag and drop 1

For this question type, you’ll also see a text with missing words on it. The missing words are place inside a box below the text. They are all jumbled inside the box with a few extra words just to confuse you.


Listening Section

PTE Screenshot listening fill in the blanks 1

The Fill in the Blanks in Listening section also has a text on it but unlike in the reading section where the words to fill up the missing words or the blanks are somewhere in the screen, the missing words can be heard from the audio. So when the question was shown on your screen the audio recording will also start playing. The person speaking in the audio will be reading the text displayed on your screen and you need to listen so that you’ll know what word to write in the blanks.